Our speaking schedule for the next few weeks is shown below.

BLUE   text indicates that the member is scheduled but not confirmed.
GREEN   text indicates that the member has confirmed his or her role for the evening.
RED   text indicates that a member is seeking a replacement for his or her role.

If you are a member and would like to fill in for one of the other members in red, please contact the member directly or the VP of Education.
Date Aug 21 Aug 28 Sep 04
Toastmaster Amy Stewart Jordan Miller-Surratt Karen Tran
Speaker #1 Arrash Jalali Jason Fruy Kellie Hobbs
Speaker #2 Megan Burnett Trevor Justice Tim Thai
General Evaluator Karen Tran Kellie Hobbs Chris Pappalardo
Evaluator #1 Rachel Fode Muriel Taing Jason Fruy
Evaluator #2 Anh Bui Trevor Justice Joan Warren
Tabletopics Master Russ Singer Allison Baumeister Trevor Justice
Opening Thought Kellie Hobbs Joan Warren Kim Coady
Closing Thought Chris Wilson Megan Burnett Tim Thai
Wordmaster Joan Warren Kira Pascoe Kristen Clopton
Timekeeper Rachel Cohen Kristen Clopton Arrash Jalali

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